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As you might’ve read on my About page, I’m currently a summer intern at Mozilla. My contract with Mozilla runs from June 21, 2010 to September 17, 2010. The following is a (relatively high-level) timeline of my three-month odyssey.

Week 1

  • Met with my mentor, Jay Patel, to discuss high-level goals for the summer
  • Got acquainted with the rest of the Mozilla interns
  • Started “Development Un-Arrested” blog
  • Started blog post summarizing findings of 03/2010 developer survey
  • Met with Joan Green (consultant) to discussindustry-wide developer survey

Week 2

  • Published blog post on Mozilla Hacks with Jay Patel
  • Constructed slides for 06/30 brown bag presentation
  • Co-delivered brown bag talk about redesigning the Mozilla Developer Network
  • Began designing internal survey for Mozillian developers

Week 3

  • Attended Mozilla Summit 2010 in Whistler, BC

Week 4

  • Met with Koski Research to discuss survey distribution
  • Met with Mozilla web developers to fine-tune internal survey
  • Discussed goals for MDN with engagement executives
  • Began analysis of MDN static landing pages

Week 5

  • Presented analysis of MDN static landing pages
  • Filed several waves of bugs to fine-tune MDN design and content
  • Continued design of industry-wide developer survey
  • Discussed final details with market research consultants to consolidate bid
  • Developed timeline of survey with Jay, established need for infographic
  • Began contacting infographic artists

Week 6

  • Wrote RFP to be sent out to infographic artists
  • Began bidding process for infographic artists
  • Finalized decision to hire market research consultant Joan Green for survey
  • Discussed potential consolidation of surveys with John Slater
  • Filed wave of bugs for MDN redesign
  • Went to Giants game where Giants beat Marlins 10-9 in the 10th!

Week 7

  • Continued bidding process for infographic artists
  • Filed bugs for MDN redesign
  • Started sketching mockups for infographic
  • Kicked off survey design with Joan Green
  • Got destroyed by full-timers at basketball despite leading the intern team

Week 8

  • Filled in for Jay, who was on PTO for the week doing family stuff
  • Triaged bugs for MDN staging pages, stumbled on some blockers
  • Closed bidding process for infographic artists
  • Almost finished survey design with Joan Green
  • Drafted launch plan for new MDN pages

Week 9

  • Submitted more MDN bugs to get ready for Week 10 launch
  • Selected Mike Wirth as infographic artist
  • Cleaned up developer survey draft
  • Wrote blog post for MDN launch

Week 10

  • Launched MDN!
  • Released MDN launch blog post on Mozilla Hacks
  • Began localization efforts for industry-wide developer survey
  • Completed final English draft of developer survey
  • Continued discussion with Mike Wirth regarding infographic

Week 11

  • Launched all non-English versions of survey
  • Made minor tweaks to survey logic
  • Drew up concept mockups for infographic
  • Began orchestrating social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) marketing for survey

Week 12

  • Fielded non-English, personal distributions of survey
  • Performed outreach for survey
  • Iterated through drafts of infographic comp

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