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Today, we released the next beta for Firefox 4 – the fourth one, for what it’s worth. This might be the biggest beta release yet. Most notably, it features Firefox Panorama (previously referred to as Tab Candy) and Firefox Sync, which allows you to sync your desktop browser with things like your phone and other computers in your house or office or wherever else. CNET posted a good, unbiased summary of the update earlier today. If you’re interested at all in the future of tab and task management, definitely check out the latest beta.

Also of note: the refreshed Mozilla Developer Network, as I’ve been discussing in many of my posts below, releases tonight, meaning that when you go to tomorrow morning, you should be able to see the hard work Jay, the web development team, and I have been putting into the MDN over the past few weeks (or months). Expect a long post detailing that in the near future!



  1. Does 4 fix the memory leak issues?

    • Alex: It’s not an explicit upgrade in this beta, but you can expect that to be a priority for the eventual full release. Especially with Panorama, even casual users are likely to have a lot of tabs open at a time, so not addressing memory leaks would be a monumental oversight. Expect incremental upgrades in the next iterations of the beta and a more comprehensive solution in the final release.

  2. It should also be said that “memory leak issues” is very vague. I use Firefox 3.6.8 and don’t experience any memory leak whatsoever. Now, some users with outdated or simply malfunctioning add-ons do experience memory leaks and excessive CPU usage. Well, it’s their own fault, isn’t it? For not taking good care of their computer. Only run add-ons that you know to work ok and not to cause any problems.

  3. Somehow there’s a preview of your MDN post on Planet which isn’t available here. Anyway, I hope you’ll have fixed the MDN link before it gets posted onto (should be https of course).

    • Neil,

      The blog entry will be back online on Monday. I prematurely released the article so that people would be able to get a sneak peek while the blog entry was still being finalized, but it’s finally ready and will be re-posted at the beginning of the week. Thanks for your concern.

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